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Our Lollies

These are our five natural ice lolly varieties, they are all available to buy in Oxford, find out where here


Strawberry Crush

Delicious surplus strawberries grown a stone's throw from our Oxford kitchen are crushed with organic apple juice to make our perfectly refreshing summer classic.


Tangy Apple

Like your cold treats to have a bit of tang? Try out our Tangy Apple on your tastebuds. 100% organic apple juice.


Raspberry Zing

Whole raspberries grown locally go into this Raspberry Zing lolly which is a hit with kids and adults alike.


Blackcurrant Burst

Cold-pressed blackcurrant juice combined with delicious, natural concentrated apple juice goes into our blackcurrant lolly, bursting with juicy flavours. 


Cheeky Cherry

This lolly is INTENSELY cherry-ish and made from natural cherry juice combined with concentrated natural apple juice. Our newest lolly is a crowd pleaser!


Our current stockist are listed below. We’re always looking for new stockists, let us know if you’d like to sell No Vice Ice. 

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Flo's Logo.jpg

Flo's the Place in the Park

Waste to Taste Cafe.jpg

Waste2Taste Cafe

museum of narural history.jpg

Eat the Future Cafe


Tap Social Taproom

MIssing Bean Magdalen.jpg

Missing Bean 

Coffee Roastery

Missing Bean Turl St.jpg

Missing Bean

Turl Street

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Missing Bean


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Vaults & Garden Cafe



Yellow Submarine Witney

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Modern Art Oxford


This could be you...

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