The Lolly Labs

What is a lolly lab?

Our lolly labs are interactive lolly making workshops where creative approaches to ice lolly making can act as a catalyst for having conversations about the links between health, sustainability and food.

Who are lolly labs suitable for?

We want our lolly labs to be accessible for everyone, and we can run session suitable for a wide range of audiences. These include:

Individuals and groups with specific health conditions

Individuals and families with low budgets and/or health needs

Oganisations, health professionals, schools and food businesses.

To find out about how a lolly lab might suit your group/organisation/individual interests or needs - contact us here.

What happens at a lolly lab?

All of our sessions vary slightly according to who the lolly lab is for and what you would like from the session. However, our lolly labs will always include: Designing your own ice lolly flavour, using our special super fast lolly maker to get them frozen, packing up your lollies in our eco friendly bags before finally taking them home to eat (if you can wait that long!). 

How can I book?

We are currently in the process of designing our first series of lolly labs with the local community - we look forward to launching these in Summer 2021.