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'T' 2022 trainee

I am so much better at getting up and being

ready for the day now. I am in a good routine

and will start working mornings, which a few

months ago just felt too overwhelming



No Vice Ice is an Oxford based social enterprise. We make delicious ice lollies using surplus and locally sourced fruit, they are available in cafes and shops across the city. 
Find our lolly flavours here
Our small production kitchen in Florence Park not only turns out our fabulous lollies, we also support people with long term hidden health conditions. We run free interactive 'lolly lab' workshops, as well as offering paid traineeships and internships for people who may have experienced barriers to employment because of their condition. 
To find out more about our traineeships, click here. To find out about our lolly labs, click here.

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Ella's story

The Full Story

While exploring ways in which food might help her manage her epilepsy and anxiety our founder, Ella, created No Vice Ice. Surrounded by a vast amount of often contradictory information about what she should and shouldn’t eat to manage her long term health along with wanting to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, she realised that she was not alone in either struggling to find work due to her health conditions, or in experiencing social isolation and feeling disempowered over her food choices. Many people are uncertain about what, how and why they should be eating certain foods - with a unique set of challenges arising for people with long term health conditions or disabilities. Ella has created a fun and inclusive way for communities to connect with these issues, and each other!

Our values

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