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About Us

No Vice Ice is an Ice Lolly Social Enterprise Based in Oxford. We make delicious and healthy ice lollies using surplus and locally sourced ingredients in our small production kitchen in Florence Park.  You can find our lollies for sale a local cafes and shops in Oxford City. To find out more about our lollies, click here.

As well as making delicious 'vice free' lollies, No Vice Ice supports people with long term hidden health conditions. We do this by running free interactive 'lolly lab' workshops for people with hidden health conditions, as well as offering paid traineeships/internships for people who may have experienced barriers to employment as a result of their condition. To find out more about our traineeships, click here. To find out about our lolly labs, click here.

No Vice Ice began when our founding director began to explore the ways in which food might be able to help her manage her long term health conditions - Epilepsy and Anxiety.  She quickly found that there was a vast amount of information available to her, a lot of which had contradicting advice and evidence about what she 'should' or 'shouldn't' be eating in order to best manage her health. She found that many of the recommended diets were difficult to access and needed specialist equipment, expensive ingredients and mental energy that she struggled to find! She was also uncertain about how her passion for sustainability could sit alongside some of the diets, further complicating her decisions about what and how to eat. This was made more difficult by her reliance on a low Universal Credit income as she struggled to find suitable employment as a result of her conditions. These uncertainties led to her feeling disempowered about her food choices and she struggled to make decisions around what foods were 'best'. She found it hard to communicate these difficulties with other people in ways that were beneficial; with spaces offering these conversations often focusing on 'single issue' agendas and being didactic or judgemental, which added to feelings of shame, fatigue and social isolation. It was only after many years of struggling to determine what the 'right' food choices were, that she began to realise that she was not alone in this struggle. Many people are uncertain about what, how and why they should be eating certain foods - with a unique set of challenges arising for people with long term health conditions/disabilities. Our starting group of directors and associates came together due to our shared experience of, and interest in these issues. No Vice Ice was born in order to help create fun inclusive spaces for communities to connect with these issues and with each other!

Our Mission: Licking the Planet into Shape


We believe all communities should have the right to access affordable, sustainable and healthy foods, that are suitable for their individual health needs. We (still) don't claim to have the answers about how this can be achieved but we do believe we can help in the following four ways:

  • We will offer interactive ice lolly making workshops which will empower people to explore the links between health, sustainability and food which are fun, supportive and inclusive for all. For more information visit our Lolly Labs page here.

  • We will co-design and create a range of ice lollies, suitable for people using diet and nutrition as a way of managing their health (eg. a Sugar Free Lolly, A Keto Lolly etc)

  • We will raise awareness about these issues by making these sessions available and accessible to a wide range of audiences

  • Any profit made by the sale of our products will be reinvested back into supporting our community and mission.

Our Values

Dignity: We involve people with lived experience of these issues in all elements of No Vice Ice, from design of our lolly labs to production of our lollies! Wherever possible employment opportunities will be given to people with lived experience of these issues.

Sustainability: We believe in a holistic vision of sustainability in which all people can live health and happy lives within the limits of the planet. We are currently working on our 'One Planet Action Plan'.

Equity: We seek to make all of our products and services accessible to everyone, irrelevant of income, race, gender, ethnicity. We are not for profit and we will use any profits made for furthering our mission. 

Community: We strive to buy from local producers, collaborate with other local businesses and set up links with other companies that share are goals as much as possible.

Our Story:

About Us

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